Grey Mare's Tail (National Trust for Scotland)

Halmuir P.O.W. Camp

A remarkable small B-listed chapel located 1 miles (2.5 km) south southwest of Lockerbie and 4 miles (6.5 km) north of Dalton in Dumfries and Galloway, the Hallmuir POW Chapel is a simple army hut, clad with painted corrugated asbestos cement sheet. However, the interior of which has been transformed into a beautifully ornate Ukranian chapel. There is a brighty-coloured alter, tinsel-covered chandelier and hand-carved statues and furniture.

It was built 1947-50 by Ukrainian prisoners of war who were sent from Italy to Hallmuir Camp, rather than being handed over to Soviet Union. Unable to return home following the descent of the Iron Curtain, many of the former prisoners settled locally and the chapel is still in regular use.

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